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Why Do My Drains Smell?

Imagine your perfect house with a beautiful interior, immaculate garden and drains that smell like sewage. It's not a pleasant place to invite your friends, and no amount of air freshener can solve drains smell.

Published Wednesday 1st February 2023

Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

These plumbing tips for homeowners are here to help you decide whether you need to hire a professional plumber. If you have an emergency plumbing failure or perhaps a persistent problem, it's time to call the experts to deal with the problem safely and efficiently.

Published Wednesday 1st February 2023

Why Do I Need My Boiler Serviced?

It's winter, and you're cold in your home. Almost every homeowner has had to deal with a broken boiler. It's one of those days when no amount of additional woolly clothes will warm you up.

Published Wednesday 1st February 2023

Warning Signs Your Boiler Could Fail

A working boiler is essential particularly in the height of winter and in freezing temperatures.  If your boiler fails (often in the winter months), it can leave you and your family with no heating or hot water for a period of time. Identifying a potential problem before it leads to failure can save you from expensive repairs or the immediate need for a boiler replacement.

Published Wednesday 29th September 2021

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Boiler

Before buying a new boiler, there are many things to consider—costs, products and choosing the right installer. A new boiler requires a reliable heating company, with an excellent track record in customer service and boiler maintenance aftercare. So how do you make the right choice? Here are some key points.

Published Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Boiler Pressure

Does your boiler pressure gauge show you everything you need to know about boiler pressure? Well, perhaps not. It's normal for your boiler pressure to rise as it heats, and to fall as it cools. Boiler pressure dials generally indicate low and high boiler pressure with green and red colour coded markers.

Published Thursday 10th December 2020

Faulty Boiler Warning Signs

Even a new boiler won’t last forever. Faults can occur at any time, and they can put lives in danger, so here are some of the faulty boiler warning signs.

If you have to reset your boiler frequently, there may be a problem. Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because this deadly gas is colourless and odourless. A faulty boiler can release it into your home. Boilers need frequent Gas Safe engineer servicing and repairs to keep them working safely.

Published Tuesday 12th May 2020

Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Holiday

Don’t take risks with your life, protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning on holiday. Carbon monoxide gas can leak from gas cookers, BBQs, heaters and other appliances, stoves and fires.

Deadly carbon monoxide is created when fuel doesn’t burn as it should. It’s undetectable by smell, sight or taste. It spreads quickly in confined areas like tents and rooms without ventilation.

Published Wednesday 19th February 2020

How to Maximise Heating Controls

When fitting or upgrading a central heating system, maximise heating controls carefully. Select the controls that comply with the industry regulations to ensure efficiency and lower running costs.

Significant advance in household remote control technology has resulted in new thermostats and heating controls. You can now manage heating and energy via apps on a mobile. You don’t need to be at home to adjust your heating program.

Published Tuesday 15th October 2019

More Women than Men allow a Gas Engineer into their Home without Checking Credentials

Larger numbers of women are trusting tradespeople who come to their home without checking credentials.

Over a third of women (33%) admitted in a Gas Tag survey that they didn’t check credentials of the gas engineer they let into their home, compared to just 20% of the men surveyed. On average of all those surveyed, 29% don’t ask for the credentials of the gas engineer.

Published Monday 10th June 2019
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