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Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning on Holiday

Don’t take risks with your life, protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning on holiday. Carbon monoxide gas can leak from gas cookers, BBQs, heaters and other appliances, stoves and fires.

Deadly carbon monoxide is created when fuel doesn’t burn as it should. It’s undetectable by smell, sight or taste. It spreads quickly in confined areas like tents and rooms without ventilation.

Apply the same levels of checks to camping and holiday property appliances as you do to every home appliance. Recent news stories involving carbon monoxide during family holidays are tragic.
Always pack a carbon monoxide detector. Make a simple CO detector an essential component of your first aid kit to enjoy your holiday without worry.

Always cook in well-ventilated spaces and never take BBQs or other solid fuel stoves indoors afterwards, even if they are cold to the touch. An appliance or fire that burns with a yellow rather than blue flame is cause for concern. Don’t ever use a barbecue in a tent, caravan, awning or motorhome. The charcoal releases poisonous carbon monoxide CO, which kills. Always ensure there is proper ventilation of your caravan/motorhome cooker.

Try to check that holiday property appliances have been serviced and tested correctly. Packing a carbon monoxide alarm is a good backup plan. Choose one that complies with the latest standards. Install at the correct distance above and away from any source of carbon monoxide. Do not position directly above a heat source.

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