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What is a Magnetic Filtration unit?

A magnetic filtration unit will normally be fitted within your central heating system. Its jobs is to collect the sludge circulating in your system before it does any real damage to your boiler-and this is the last thing you want on a very cold day!

Magnetic Filters generally look like the one shown in the picture on the left.

Why would someone need this?

The iron and steel components in most modern central heating systems are open to corrosion. Over time, once this starts happening, a sludge is produced and carried around the system. This then causes blockages in different areas of the system. For example your boiler might stop working because you have a blocked heat exchanger, pump or even blocked radiators.

Old boilers generally used cast iron pipes which were much larger to the pipes used today. Because of how narrow the pipes are on modern boilers, it makes it a lot easier for a blockage to occur when sludge is going round the system.

A blocked boiler often over heats thus causing the system to shut down. Unfortunately, this normally means you are going to have to call out an engineer to take a look. As this is the common fault to any blockages in the system there are common solutions. These involve replacing the heat exchanger or having your whole heating system Power flushed! Just to add these are both costly jobs… so the next question is:

How can I avoid a blockage?

Get a magnetic filter! Magnetic filters simply catches sludge that is created and stops it getting back into the boiler. Within the magnetic filter there is a powerful magnet which attracts all of the debris that collect to make sludge. If you are feeling really fancy you can get filters that don’t just collect debris from the iron and steel components- Some even collect copper, zinc, aluminium debris.

I want one!!

If you are already getting a new boiler then your engineer may have already quoted for this! In some cases, depending on what make and model of boiler- the warranty will be extended if a magnetic filter is fitted. If you haven’t been quoted for one of these to be fitted then you can simply ask your engineer and he will be able to advise best regarding this!

If you aren’t getting a new boiler and you have decided you want/need one of these then DON’T WORRY! It’s not too late and you can still get one fitted to an existing central heating system. Magnetic filters however can be bulky so this might affect how easily this is done.

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