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Immersion Heaters

An immersion heater is an electric water heater normally positioned inside a big hot water cylinder filled with water. The heater is like a small metal coil that heats up from its own power supply via a cable. Immersion heaters work similarly to how an electric kettle works. If you have an immersion heater this may either be your where your main supply of hot water comes from, or a backup for your combination boiler.

Most homes now have their hot water and central heating provided by a combination boiler. Some of these however, will also have an Immersion heater that's there to provide as an emergency backup if ever there is any issues with the boiler itself.

Homes that are generally older or still have old heating systems will most likely have an immersion heater and this will be their main source of hot water.

Benefits of having an Immersion Heater:

Immersion heaters have many beneficial factors although they may not be the best option for yourself. Some immersion heaters have a thermostatic control, this means it will automatically turn itself off once the water has reached the optimum temperature you have selected. They can also be connected to your boiler so if your boiler fails to work, you can still receive hot water. Most immersion heaters have a well-insulated jacket, therefore, when your heater is switched off it will keep the water hot for several hours. You can either easily turn your immersion heater off manually by simply pressing a switch at the socket or, you can use a timer and Programme a set time for your heater to turn on and off.

Issues of having an Immersion Heater:

On the other hand Immersion heaters aren't always the best option. Below are some details of problems you may receive if you have or ever have an immersion heater.

1 Main default if you have an immersion heater is that it generally costs more. To heat up hot water is much more costly than heating via gas. Your typical water heater will use up to 3 kilowatts of electricity per hour… This averages out to around 50 pence to heat you your home every hour. Therefore in order to be receiving water hot enough in yours property, you would need to leave the heater on for at least a couple of hours a day. There for this works out that you're sending at least £360 pounds a year on heating your water alone.

by Julie Cropper November 2015

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