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Powerflushes are quick effective ways to clean your central heating system. They are carried out in order to benefit your system in many ways. Powerflushes are carried out under very high pressure. They remove a large percent of sludge (build-up of iron oxide), rust and lime scale.

  1. There is a more even heat distribution throughout the property.
  2. Improves your overall energy savings.
  3. Help increase the reliability of your system
  4. Extends the system life.

So how do I know if my heating system needs a Powerflush?

Below is listed several things for you to look out for:

  1. Are certain rooms in your home colder than others?
  2. Does your heating system need to be turned on early because it takes so long to heat up?
  3. Are some of your radiators remaining cold at the bottom?
  4. Do any of the radiators require frequent bleeding?
  5. Is your boiler making any load noises?

If your boiler is showing any of the above signs, then you should arrange for your boiler to be looked at. This could save you from spending lots of money!

By Julie Cropper, 15th September 2015

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