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Why should I bother getting my boiler serviced?

It is highly recommended that you get your boiler serviced every year. A lot of people question why we should even bother with a boiler service and what would happen if they were to not have one that year. Although it may seem like a lot of money for something that may be working fine, in the long run it could save you a lot more! If you were to avoid getting your boiler serviced it may mean that parts in your boiler deteriorate much quicker. The main job our engineers will do is check all the different functions for correct and safe operations. They follow a series of checks that ensure your boiler is working to all the specifications designed by the boilers manufacturer.

A main issue addressed within your boiler service is the soot production. Soot comes from the combustion process and coats the surface of your heat exchanger. Over time this can cause gradual wear on the components within the boiler. Getting your boiler serviced will remove any soot and can re-establish the optimum combustion conditions. Therefore, allowing your boiler to work to its full potential and provide you in the best way it can. On top of this, you can save money on your bills as your boiler can work as efficiently as possible. Any noises from your boiler is normally an early warning sign of any components that may be breaking

In addition to this, those who have a boiler with an open flue, should also be aware that the majority of carbon monoxide deaths are caused by open flue appliances. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is odourless, colourless and tasteless. When there is a carbon monoxide leak you won’t be able to tell, other than any possible side affects you may experience. These include headaches, drowsiness, nausea, breathlessness, and stomach pains. Signs are hard to spot and can get confused with other illnesses. So, it really is important to get your boiler serviced once a year to help prevent the possibility of any carbon monoxide poisoning from happening.

On top of this, most new boilers require an annual service to validate any warranty it may have. Therefore, no service, no warranty!

These are the main reasons as to why it is highly recommended to get your boiler serviced regularly. Having these general checks preformed yearly on your boiler will gradually show with the efficiency of the boiler how well they have been looked after and can help extend the life of your boiler.

by Steve Roberts 16th July 2015

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